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General Course

Palace Building Area

Donhwamun Gate -> Injeongjeon Hall -> Seonjeongjeon Hall -> Huijeongdang Hall -> Daejojeon Hall -> Nakseonjae Complex -> Gwolnaegaksa Complex -> old Seonwonjeon Shrine
( For general guided tour, No. 8 and No. 9 are not covered.)

This map is suggested tour course for self-guided tours.
* This course is subject to change without prior notice.

Tours for the Secret Garden

Period required min. tour course
about 90min. Hamyangmun Gate Buyongji Pond Bullomun Gate, Aeryeonji Pond Yeongyeongdang Complex Jondeokjeong Pavilion Area Ongnyucheon Stream Area Donhawmun Gate
about 70min. Hamyangmun Gate Buyongji PondBullomun Gate, Aeryeonji Pond Jondeokjeong Pavilion Area Yeongyeongdang Complex Donhawmun Gate