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Q) What is the difference between general tour and special tour?

Changdeokgung is largely divided into two parts; the palace building area, and its royal garden area which is known for the Secret Garden (Biwon). General Tour is for the palace building area and Special Tour is for the Secret Garden.
For general tour, you have a choice; either to take a guided tour or to walk on you own. The guide service is provided on a complimentary basis in English/Chinese/Japanese and Korean according to the time schedule. Prior reservation is not required. For English free guide service, two times a day, 10:15 am or 1:15 pm. For further details, please refer to the time schedule under the Tour Guide
For Special Tour of the Secret Garden, where is guided tours only provided as per the time schedule. The time required for the special tour is 90 minutes and the admission ticket can be purchased at W5,000 (in addition to the palace entrance fee). Prior reservation is recommendable. There is a limit of tickets, 100 tickets for each tour. For the time table, please refer to the information for Tour Hours under the Tour Guide.

Changdeokgung is largely divided into royal palace parts and back garden which is known for Biwon (Secret garden). And there are two tour methods.

1. General tour=>General Tour (Palace Tour)
- Tour course: buildings in palace building area only.

-Notice: You may walk around on your own or you may join the guided tour.

Reservation for the guided tour for the building area is unnecessary.

-Palace Admission fee: 3,000won –Adults (ages 19 - 64)
- Senior Citizens 65 and over or 65+ are free.
* No number limits in general tour. If you enter within scheduled time, you would participate in tour with a guide.

2. Special Tour (the Secret Garden Tour)
-Object: This course is to watch part of Biwon (around half of Biwon including Gwalnamjeong, Jondeokjeong, and Ongnyucheon)
-Ongnyuchen area had been off limits to people but since 1st May 2004, it has been opened. It has very special meaning in ecological preservation as well as cultural properties protection.

-Preservation of original shape is a higher priority for Ongnyucheon than admission.
- number limits: 9 - 15 times a day (the number of times varies).

Refer to: tour guide> operating hours & Seasons

- 100 persons in a time
- Ten persons limit at one time by internet reservation/
-Course: Unlike general tour, it is to see Biwon area including Ongnyucheon area of Changdeokgung (around half area of Biwon) except main building parts of palace.

-Time required: about one hour and half, 1 1/2 hrs.

-Admission fee: 5,000 won
-No exemption of the admission fee (Except for disabled people, men of national merit, war veterans)