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Q) When can I see apricot flower and fall foliage?

I know that Changdeokgung preserves its natural environment best in Seoul.
I want to know when is the most beautiful season for apricot (ume) flowers and fall foliage?


The period is 6th April to 15th April for apricot (ume) flowers, and about the middle of October to the middle of November for fall foliage.

In addition,
10th April to 25th April for cherry flower at flower bed of Daejojeon
5th May to 20th May for Korean azalea in front of Huijeongdang
15th May to 30th May for peony blossom at flower bed of Nakseonjae
20th May to 10th June for blooming of persimmon at front yard of Nakseonjae

You can see apricot and cherry blossom during the general palace tour 31st March to 15th April in Changdeokgung. There might be a slight change for the blooming period in accordance with the temperature.