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 1392 Establishment of Joseon Dynasty
 1405 Changdeokgung Palace is dedicated as a secondary royal palace.
 1406 The Rear Garden (Secret Garden) is created.
 1462 Rear Garden is expanded to the current size (by purchasing and relocating 73 houses).
 1610 Changdeokgung Palace is rebuilt following the destruction by fire in 1592, and is adopted as the official royal palace.
 1623 Most of Changdeokgung Palace buildings except for the Main Hall (Injeongjeon Hall), are destroyed by fire during Injo Coup., and restored in 1647.
 1803 Main hall (Injeongjeon) is rebuilt in 1804 after a fire in 1803.
 1910 The last royal council meeting is held (Korea-Japan Annexation Treaty signed).
 1917 King’s residential area (“Daejojeon” and “Huijeongdang”) is destroyed by fire.
 1920 “Daejojeon” and “Huijeongdang” are rebuilt with materials taken from buildings at Gyeongbokgung palace.
 1926 King Sunjong passes away at Daejojeon in Changdeokgung palace.
Large scale restoration work is launched.
 1997 Changdeokgung Palace is listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.