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Visitor Information

  • Tickets can be booked online or purchased at the ticket office on the day of your visit (No limit on the number of visitors)
  • For those under 6 and over 65, valid ID card required for free tickets at the ticket office
  • For those who hold Royal Palace Passes, it must be presented at the entrance.
  • Free guided tour of the palace (Refer to the tour hours) Closed on Mondays
  • Ticket offices open until an hour before closing time

How to book a ticket

  • Select date : Online booking is available from 10:00 am 6 days in advance until one day before the tour date
  • Booked tickets need to be purchased by deadline for payment. (If not, the reservation automatically expires.)
    - Deadline for payment : within 24 hours of reservation(However, reservations made on the day before the observation date must be made by 23:59 on the day of reservation.)
  • Group of 10 persons or more gets 20% discount ( No limit on the number of people who make reservations.)
  • Prior to booking, you need to join the membership. Your E-Mail address is your ID. Make sure to use correct E-mail address.(Necessary for booking, confirming and cancelling)
  • Payment : Credit card only

Cancellation Fee & Refund policies

  • Please check the cancellation fee and refund policies below. The cancellation fee differs according to the time of your cancellation. (However during the trial period until March 31st, cancellation fees are waived.)
    Division General tour
    Full refund Earlier than 2 hours before the tour starts
    90% Refund Less than 2 hours before the last admission time
    No refund After the ticket sales closing time

How to enter the palace

  • By presenting your mobile ticket at the entrance(Screenshot ticket is not valid.)
  • By issuing booked ticket for validation at the ticket office or machine
  • It is not possible to enter with a printed confirmation.
    Only a valid ticket will be accepted for entry to the Palace grounds.

How to use mobile tickets

  • Mobile tickets once used are not valid.
  • Visit the web site of the palace Click the Tour reservation Log in Click My Reservation
  • Your mobile ticket or e-ticket will be activated on your phone as of 30 min. prior to the starting time of the Secret Garden Tour you reserved.
    Only one type of tickets, either paper or mobile tickets, can be issued per reservation.
  • Please present your mobile tickets at the main gate.

Tour Course

  • Changdeokgung Palace Building Area
  • Self guided tours and guided tours are both available.
  • Required minutes : Approximately 60 minutes
  • Tour Course : Donhwamun Gate Injeongjeon Hall Seonjeongjeon Hall Huijeongdang Hall Daejojeon Hall Seongjeonggak Hall Nakseonjae Complex

General Course Reservation