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Visitor Information

  • Tickets can be booked online or purchased at ticket office on the day you visit.(No ticket limits)
  • For those under 6 and over 65, valid ID card required for free tickets at ticket office
  • Royal Palace Pass must be presented at the entrance.
  • For visitors looking to a guided tour, we offer a complimentary guided tour service.(Refer to Tour Hours)
  • Ticket offices open until an hour before palace closing time
  • Closed on Mondays.

How to book a ticket

  • Please make sure you are Signed Up and Logged In prior to online bookings. Please use proper email address. (Necessary when reserve, confirm and cancel)
  • Select date : Online booking is available from 10:00 am 6 days in advance until one day before the tour date
  • Booked tickets need to be purchased by payment due date.(If not, the reservation automatically expires.)
    - Payment due date : within 24 hours of reservation(However, reservations made on the day before the date of your visit must be made by 23:59 on the day of reservation.)
  • Groups of 10 or more persons get 20% discount (No limit on the number of tickets to be booked)
  • Please make sure you are Signed Up and Logged In prior to online bookings. Please use correct email address, (Necessary when reserve, confirm and cancel)
  • Payment method: Credit Cards only

Cancellation Fee & Refund policies

  • Please check the cancellation fee and refund policies below. The cancellation fee differs according to the time of your cancellation.
    Secret Garden Time of cancellation
    Full refund More than 2 hours before the last admission time
    90% Refund Less than 2 hours before the last admission time
    No refund After the last admission time

How to enter the palace

  • By presenting your mobile ticket at the entrance(Screenshot of ticket is not valid.)
  • By issuing booked ticket for validation at ticket office or machine
  • A printed confirmation sheet is not a valid ticket.
    Only a valid ticket will be accepted for entry to the Palace grounds.

How to use mobile tickets

Tour Course

  • Changdeokgung Palace Buildings
  • Self guided tours and guided tours are both available.
  • Time required : Approximately 60 minutes
  • Tour Course : Donhwamun Gate Injeongjeon Hall Seonjeongjeon Hall Huijeongdang Hall Daejojeon Hall Nakseonjae Complex

General Admission Ticket Reservation