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Welcome to Changdeokgung Palace Website!

As said by one of the greatest national leaders in Korean history, King Sejong, who created Korean Alphabet Hangeul, to his son:

"Even though Gyeongbokgung Palace is splendid and magnificent,
the ideal place in this capital city is Changdeokgung Palace"
- From the Annals of King Seongjong, the year of 1484

From its stately throne hall with its vast courtyard to various pavilions nestled in the Secret Garden's lush rolling hill, you will fall in love with Changdeokgung Palace as kings and commoners have treasured over the past 600 years.

I am looking forward to your visit so we can share this amazing palace and its beautiful garden, all built with preserving the natural landscape found here.

I hope you enjoy the beauty and splendor of traditional Korean royal architecture and relish the stories of the historical moments of those days.

Director of Changdeokgung Palace Office